Dr. Cole Incorporates conventional psychological techniques with a spiritual emphasis when appropriate 

Here is a poem by one of her clients:

Just a note to let you know 

what you've done for me 

You've helped me face ungodly fears

I didn't want to see


With our precious Lord at the helm 

to navigate the way 

You gave me waves of confidence

to boldly face each day


Providing answers from our Lord

you gave me sense of worth

It helped the Spirit rise in me

to serve Him here on earth


I know there's still a lot to learn

I'm working every day

To build a life with Godly peace

in all I do and say


I give Him all the glory

He's made me feel brand new

Reminding me He loves me 

no matter what I do


Thank you for your guidance 

your laughter and your prayers

God knew just who I needed

to understand my cares


And though I won't be seeing you 

as often as I'd like

I know that you'll be helping

someone else to shine their light