Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q:   Do I need a referral?

A:   No.  Unlike most medical specialists, you yourself can call to make an appointment with a Psychologist.  You can often have your first visit within a few weeks… even sooner, for more urgent cases.

Q:   Can I be reimbursed?

A:   Yes.  Most health plans include coverage for part of a Psychologist’s fee.  Furthermore, under certain conditions, what you pay for psychological treatment can be a tax deduction.

Q:   Does my medical doctor have to know what we talk about?

A:   No.  By law, Psychologist’s are bound to keep what you talk about confidential.


As Psychologists, the primary concern of our profession is Accountability:  adherence to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct laid down by our governing body.  We are subject to these rules and regulations to ensure compliance for, ultimately, the best quality of care and protection of the public.


When you work with a Psychologist…you work on Making Positive Changes!